A yellow, green cucumber green spider.

A yellow, green cucumber green spider.

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A yellow, green cucumber green spider.

This photograph was taken by Erland Lewin on Jul 11, 2006 14:56.

I think this spider is a cucumber green spider (Araniella cucurbitina), but it is also similar to Misumena vatia (because of the yellow color). Apparently A. Cucurbitina and A. opisthographa are also very difficult to tell apart. Thanks to Lelle at http://www.minaxforum.net for help with identification. It was about 1 cm long. The photo was taken with macro-rings, manual exposure and focus.

Original medium: Digital

Camera type: Nikon D70

ISO: 200

Exposure time: 1/30 s

Aperture: f/0.0

Color space: sRGB

Exposure program: Manual

Metering mode: Center Weighted Average

Light source: Cloudy weather

Flash: NO

Automatic white balance: NO

Photographer's rating: Good