artifact is a kind of inanimate (and therefore also a kind of thing).

coal pile, birthday cake, musikinstrument, stitch, Tracks in snow, candle, steaming tea, weapon, building, tent, camouflage, bridge, clothes, glacier sunglasses, tombstone, water fountain, bouquet, mask, road/street, vehicle, helmet, camel saddle, surfboard, camera, popcorn, match, Swedish fifty krona bill, flag, home, wood stove, Swedish 10 krona coin, circuit board, electronic component, church bell, architectural element, plate, slice of white bread, open sandwich, parachute, life saver, oil tank, canal, well, curtain, mechanical machine, bottle, latch, barbed wire, spider web, machine component, cigar, domino piece, finger ring, sport equipment, christian cross, pier, tabernacle clock, globe, painting, balloon, advertising poster, unfired pottery, commemorative plaque, cup, bowl, display device, statue, adobe, cairn, hammock, and bar are kinds of artifact.

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